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Posts published in “Algorithms”

k-Nearest Neighbors

Christoffer Björkskog 0

One of the simples algorithms in Machine Learning is k-Neares Neighbors. It is considered a “lazy learning” algorithm where all the calculations are deferred until classification. It works like this:…

Decision Trees

Christoffer Björkskog 0

When you have to deal with non-linear decision making, you can use decision trees to transform it into a linear decision surface. Let say we have a buddy that goes…

Support Vector Machines

Christoffer Björkskog 0

A Support Vector Machine is an algorithm that outputs a line separating two classes in a set of data. An SVM will try to maximise the margin from the line…

Naive Bayes Classifiers

Christoffer Björkskog 0

Naive Bayes Classifier is a probabilistic classifier used in supervised machine learning that is especially useful when categorizing texts. They apply Bayes’ Theorem which describes the probability of an event to take…