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Posts published in “Courses”

Nvidia Deep Learning Institute

Christoffer Björkskog 0

It is an awesome age we live in where the knowledge you need for tomorrow is available for free for everyone (with a computer, and an internet connection). There is…

Fast AI course on Computational Linear Algebra

Christoffer Björkskog 0

You need to put in 20% of your learning time into math in order to get great at machine learning. Linear algebra and statistics are two very imprtant topics to…

Deep Learning for Coders Part 2

Christoffer Björkskog 0 has released a second part of their free Deep Learning course for Coders. find it here: If Part 1 enables you to keep up with the state of…

Yet another free deep learning online course

Christoffer Björkskog 0

This course is held one of the contributors to Keras and Tensoflow. Here you go:

Another Deep Learning School

Christoffer Björkskog 0

I recently posted about Deep Learning Summer School 2016 Here is a link to another Bay Area Deep Learning School one that was the same year in September at Stanford…

Deep learning for Self driving cars

Christoffer Björkskog 0

I found a great course for learning to create self driving cards using Deep learning, Deep Reinforcemet Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Network for different parts of the…

Deep Learning School

Christoffer Björkskog 0

Here you can watch lectures from the 2016 Deep Learning Summer School in Montreal. Course excerpt: Deep neural networks that learn to represent data in multiple layers of increasing abstraction have…