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Posts published in “Supervised Machine Learning”

Classification vs. Regression

Christoffer Björkskog 0

Two slightly similar concepts in supervised machine learning are Supervised classification, and regression. With supervised classification you will get a discrete output (a label or boolean value) and in regression…

k-Nearest Neighbors

Christoffer Björkskog 0

One of the simples algorithms in Machine Learning is k-Neares Neighbors. It is considered a “lazy learning” algorithm where all the calculations are deferred until classification. It works like this:…

Decision Trees

Christoffer Björkskog 0

When you have to deal with non-linear decision making, you can use decision trees to transform it into a linear decision surface. Let say we have a buddy that goes…

Support Vector Machines

Christoffer Björkskog 0

A Support Vector Machine is an algorithm that outputs a line separating two classes in a set of data. An SVM will try to maximise the margin from the line…

Naive Bayes Classifiers

Christoffer Björkskog 0

Naive Bayes Classifier is a probabilistic classifier used in supervised machine learning that is especially useful when categorizing texts. They apply Bayes’ Theorem which describes the probability of an event to take…

Supervised Machine Learning

Christoffer Björkskog 0

In supervised machine learning you use the terms features and labels. Features could for instance be the bumpiness and slope of the ground as identified by an autonomous car, and the…